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Professional Thinning Scissors
Professional Thinning Scissors
Art #: PTS-5054
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Terms & Conditions  

Orders and quotations:

Contact Evernice, Khan Mahal Cinema Road, SIALKOT 51360, Pakistan  or call at +92-52-000-000 to place orders and for formal quotations.

Orders may also be placed via fax number or on our web site 


Use instruments only for the purpose they were designed for

Rosiness Impex gently - avoid bouncing, dropping or overstraining. 

All RE-USABLE instruments are delivered in NON-STERILE condition and must be cleaned, lubricated and sterilized before every use.

All surgical instruments should be disinfected and cleaned immediately after use with disposable cloth/paper/ wiper etc.

If the instruments come into contact with blood, tissue, physiological saline or other foreign substances, they should be rinsed with warm (not hot) water before the substance dries up on the instruments.

We recommend cleaning solutions and rinse with pH 7.0.

Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended.

For effectiveness, first clean the instruments off any residue before placing them in ultrasonic cleaner.

After cleaning, all instruments should be dried immediately.

Treat all instruments with oil which is considered as being physiologically safe (paraffin oil), especially their ends, ratchets, and moveable parts.

Instruments can be disinfected in Thermal washer-disinfectors

Do not leave instruments in cleaning or disinfecting solutions for long time (over night or weekend) otherwise instruments can be damaged.

All instruments be visually inspected for damage or breakage.

It is the users responsibility to take proper care of the instruments

We recommend laying down all instruments in their primary packaging.

Vacuum autoclave (steam) is preformed at the temperature of 134oC.

If instruments are Dry heat (hot-air) sterilized, the temperature should be between 180oC to 190oC.

Corroded instruments should be discarded immediately.                     

The instructions of the autoclave manufacturer must be observed also.

Instruments must be stored in dry, clean and humidity-free environment without direct solar irradiation.

Protect points with cloth, gauze or a special tube.

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